Growblu LED Grow Lights Reviews – Feb 21st 2013 Marijuana Growing Updates


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smaller panels or strips!

What spectrums do you recommend ?

Hey, I’m thinking of buying Growblu’s 827w full spectrum LED for my 4’x4′ seed to harvest grow tent. Would you recommend this setup or something else?

I think that panel would rock in there, when you get a light from them don’t forget to hit me up if and when you toss a grow video up. The full spectrum panels from growblu are setup for seed to weed runs ( that is how I roll brother ) so I say DO IT! DO IT! (-;

Growblu is the brains behind the spectrum, I would go with their current spectrum in production. They tested many spectrum options in 2012/2013 and the stock they have now is exactly what I will be buying when I upgrade myself.

that is the question that keeps running in my head brother

only time ( and money LOL ) will answer that for me.

Awesome, thanks man, I will tell them you referred me and will make sure to give you a shout out in my videos, I will be making them from my planning, setup thru harvest. I hope to have my first upload by 4/20/13.

Nice looks great sub back 🙂 like how u review stuff 🙂

LED grow lights are the most worthless grow lights you can buy you would get more growth from flash lights

what I find funny about your comment is that the most powerful flashlights use…. wait for it…. LEDs dumbass

What I find funny is anyone who believes LED are good for anything other then warning lights on your DVD

aren’t you worried about talking about growing online? just curious?

same thing as the flashlight response but now just put in “dvd warning lights”

thank you brother,

you can go that way or two smaller panels so you can adjust the canopy levels as needed.

I am a legal prop 215 patient and grower, everything is legal and I stay within all my limits and everything is PERSONAL. There are too many BIGGER growers out there with bigger channels for anyone to worry about lil ol me,
the aardvark

Thanks for the info on the LED grow lights

I’d like to add some led’s to my grow.

un educated fool!

leds are beast for veg, friend let me use his old ufo liking it so far

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