Brand Boardwalk Now Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have had a monumental year in 2017. And due to increased media coverage and word-of-mouth enthusiasm, this year also saw a flood of first-time crypto investors.

If you happen to be one of these investors, you may be thinking of diversifying into another asset class. Domain names are digital assets that hold their value well.

Guaranteed Re-Listing

All Brand Boardwalk domain names listed on have been hand-selected by BrandBucket’s curation team, and are priced at or below current market value. Any domain name purchased at BrandBucket can and may be listed for sale again — immediately or in the future — for at least the amount it was purchased for. In fact, many times in the past few years BrandBucket has sold the same domain name to a second or third investor!

Domains: A Hedge Against Wild Fluctuations

Over the past ten years short, pronounceable domain names have increased in value as the number of available names for use in commerce is decreasing.

Historically, the value of domain names transacted in the aftermarket has increased 10% to 30% every year, with little or no downturns. This points to domain names being a stable investment option.

And similar to cryptocurrencies, domain names are easily transferred between parties, can be owned anonymously, and have clearly identifiable premium attributes: length, spelling, pronunciation, and proximity to commonly used words and phrases.

Buying Brand Boardwalk Domains with Bitcoin on BrandBucket

Through our exclusive partnership with BrandBucket, investors and entrepreneurs can now purchase business names using Bitcoin.

To make a purchase with Bitcoin, simply add the domain name(s) you wish to buy to your shopping cart. Open the cart and select Pay With Bitcoin.

Next, enter your name and the email address you would like to use for the domain name transfer.

You will then be given the exact converted Bitcoin amount (which is good for 10 minutes), and the wallet address to send to.